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There is a recommended running in period of around 500-800 kilometres for your new machine. During the running in time it is advised that the bike not be ridden above 60-70% revs for long periods of time. During the running in period also keep a visual and physical check on the bike, looking for anything loosed or not working correctly.

The first service is due at around 300 to 500 kilometres and the second service at 1000-2000 kilometres. There services are most important and failure to have the bike serviced at such time by qualified mechanics could cause problems within the Engine. This is the same for customers who change a new engine on the motor, after the change they should follow the same guidelines.

Always remember that you can bring your machine in for a service at our workshops either in Tamale or Techiman, whichever is easiest for you. Gain the advantage of skilled mechanics who are experienced in working on motorbikes and tricycles.

Weekly checks:

(1) Check all visible nuts and bolts and all spokes if applicable. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

(2) Oil level

(3) Tyre pressures

  • First service at 500 kilometres

  • Second service at 1,000 kilometres

  • Next service at 2,000 to 2,500 kilometres

  • Subsequent services every 1,000 to 1,5000

All our new motorbikes and tricycles come with a standard 3 months or 1,000 kilometres warranty on the engine, axle and gear box (failure to have the bike serviced at recommended servicing schedules could invalidate your warranty if a fault occurs). Electric goods come with 1 month Warranty. Transmission good such as shaft and belts are not covered by warranty.

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